Gestión Obras Works can assess and advise on soundproofing projects and acoustic entertainment venues (cafes, restaurants , pubs , clubs , rehearsal rooms , dance schools ... ) , as well as private homes . We offer a complete service in all aspects of acoustics, including :

1. Acoustic Study: During the design stage , the administration calls for a study where justified on a theoretical level acoustic solutions to be adopted and that these are sufficient to meet current legislation, this calculation is done using predictive models. Furthermore, there are some acoustic measurements to determine the state of the activity.

2. Running Soundproofing work and / or Acoustic Conditioning: Once you have identified the weaknesses of the activity and performed a proper investigation detailing the solutions needed to address deficiencies, we proceed to the execution by installing the acoustical materials that have been calculated in the study. Gestión Obras ensures its solutions through a formalized contract prior to the start of the activity based on an acoustic study conducted by our Technical Department.

3. Acoustic Measurement: After running the soundproofing tests and acoustic measurements, this data will alloud us to compare with a previous stage and post-implementation stage of headings and conditioning soundproofing , noise measurements to quantify the validity and quality of the solutions adopted.

4. Warranty: Acoustic measurements are made once the site is operational and soundproofing, if the problem persists it'd involves undoing the all commercial to start again, for this reason it is essential to hire the work with a company that guarantees without any doubt the requirements of the regulations.

Gestión Obras offers comprehensive and professional advice through specialized installers and a technical department with extensive experience in the sector. Our main goal is to offer comprehensive services in acoustics, based on efficiency and contractual warranty.